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Artisanal Fabrication of Vinegar Products
with Wild Fruits, Flowers and Honey
like in Ancient Times.
  Do you know that the elaboration of natural vinegar is not the fruit of a smart technology emerging from the university, but rather the old days' ability of our ancestors who were solely making use of wild fruits and honey to produce their vinegar.

Today, in the full assurance of this old times' tradition, we make our vinegars in this fashion.

The wild fruits and flowers are gathered at full maturity in the fields and woods: wild cherries, grapes, elderberries and apples, hawthorn and dandelion are naturally fermented to obtain a wine and then a vinegar by the action of the vinegar mother, this living gelatinous mass which forms on the surface of the wine and changes it into vinegar.

Antoine Leuthard, Vinegar Master

The fermentation goes slowly spreading over months and even years which is much different from any maceration.

Now and henceforth, it is generally admitted that wild fruits and flowers have medicinal properties far more superior to the cultivated ones.

This is why unquestionably our vinegars and vinegar mothers are of an inestimable value for the health as well as they are tasty.




Vinegar Mother Nature's Best !

You would like to be in good health, to have energy and enjoy a better life?

The wild fruits and flowers 'vinegar mother is all what you need. Why? Because it is a strong natural anti-inflammatory agent, the most ancient, used since the old times by people of all cultures in many countries. And there is much to be said about its remineralizing action !


The vinegar mother is rich in oligo-elements, enzymes, amino-acids, vitamins, which is generally recognized for its effective result on the digestive system, the immune system, arthritic pains, respiratory problems, cholesterol, etc.
At the eve of 21st century, we rediscover this most natural nutriment endowed with an extraordinary curative power. We suggest that it be taken every day on the basis of 1/3 of a teaspoonful on an empty stomach in the morning.

If your health is of importance to you, look for the wild fruits and flowers' vinegar mother and you will benefit greatly by its exceptional virtues !


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